Brand Hype: (resourse on product placement in moves)

I was browsing through some of the online links for this class and watched this video I found on Brand Hype. “Behind the Screens: Hollywood goes Hypercommercial about Product Placement in the Movies” is a thought provoking piece at how the advertising industries and the movie industries work together to manipulate us. Earlier research I have done on product placement indicated that movie producers used product placement to make their movies more “real”. Evidently, it’s a lot more than that. If you have ever seen one of the old Dirty Harry movies you may remember when Harry pulls out his big Smith and Wesson 45 gun and says “Go ahead. Make my day.” Up until the movie Smith and Wesson had trouble selling the ’45’ after the movie was released the sales of the gun skyrocketed. I found another video about product placement that is extremely postmodern in appearance…


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I'm a full time MAT student attempting to become a high school English teacher. I also have a small travel business that has me taking seniors all over the country by motor coach. It's part time work right now, but will hopefully be my retirement job one day. I like to think ahead...
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